Single Phase (Rs 6,974/- to Rs 53,328/-)

STABIPLUS : Protect home appliances and equipments from abnormal voltage across Phase & Neutral coming through the supply line. Save energy by avoiding the use of multiple stabilizers.

Other features : Digital display and Spike / Surge protection

Provided safe voltage output for

A Section

Lighting & Television as per model capacity (5 seconds delayed starting will protect from turn on surges, Auto selector function provided for three phase will help to reduce energy bill for Inverter /UPS application.)

B Section

Load circuit for Air Conditioner and other connected load as per model capacity.

C Section

Refrigerator connection with 3 minute starting time delay.

Save Energy by avoiding multiple stabilizers

  • Forget multiple stabilizers - Save money on wiring and electricity costs
  • Solution for Neutral loose connection Problems

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