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How does Stabiplus protects your home appliances?

  • High voltage turn on spike can happen during power turn on. Whenever electricity supply goes and returns, there is a surge voltage which is much higher than normal voltage. The intelligent time delay protection of Stabiplus protects your electronic appliances from high voltage fluctuations.
  • Stabiplus protects your electronic appliances from voltage fluctuation
  • In case of low voltage due to transformer issues or loose contacts, compressor used appliances like refrigerator and air conditioner will be damaged. Stabiplus protects the compressors of these appliances and shields them from voltage fluctuations.

* Condition Apply

  • In case of neutral failure, the electricity supply shifts to high voltage (Max 415 volts) due to phase to phase supply and off late it is a regular issue in so many areas due to heavy rains and winds. Stabiplus prevents damage due to double phase with loose neutral.
  • Protects from turn on surges. Frequency variation from generators which is very dangerous (LED lights will fail due to voltage & frequency variation). Intelligent time delay feature of Stabiplus protects LED /CFL lights and increases their durability.
  • Houses situated next to Industrial area, Electricity Board Substation, transformers etc. are prone to have high voltage fluctuations.
  • Installation of Stabiplus helps you to protect your home form high voltage fluctuation.

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