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  1. Is RG products a real substitute to stabilizers?
  2. Does a stabilizer work , if the RG product is installed?
  3. Which are the type of risks covered in electrical flow by RG products?
    Failure due to Sustained Low & High Voltage,High Voltage spike &Surges,Neutral Issues
  4. How are RG products better than existing options?
    Centralised connection will help to protect entire wiring circuit from failures & Fire Hazards
  5. What are the existing safety products by Electricity board and what are their plus points and limitations?
    ELCB -Protect from electrical  Shock,MCB - Protect from short circuits RCCB -Protect from high    
    voltage (Delayed operation-Avoid fire )
  6. How can RG products be connected with them and how their actions is synergistic?
    All above products for current protection.This will pass 1100V .Our appliances range is 160 -260V only
  7. What is the best options for individual flats in big buildings? and why?
    SP Deluxe (Single Phase) ,TP Deluxe (Three Phase). Some times any one of  11kv line may fail.In this  
    situation High voltage will pass to the electrical circuit and will damage connected lights & Appliances. 
  8. What is the best option for individual villas ? and why?
    Premium models .Help to protect appliances with out power outage.
  9. What is the best options for restaurants, big Malls, and play grounds? why?
    Premium &HP66
  10. What is the parameter for the selection of the RG machine option, to know which is apt?
    Protection with Energy saving
  11. Which is the best option where there is very few person to operate or understand the working of RG products, like old persons at home?
    Premium or TPDB with Automatic Phase selector
  12. Which are the danger areas of line fluctuations where RG products work best?
    Range from 160 to 260V a.c
  13. Which are the areas or conditions were we do not recommend RG products?
    Protection from fluctuation due to Welding or Permanent Voltage below 140V or Above 290V
  14. What is the differences between the models and were they are best recommended?
  15. In a single phase connection , which is the model recommended?
  16. In a three phase connection which is the best recommendation?
  17. Why premium model/ Dulex/ standard  is not recommended everywhere? what are its limitations?
    Working Range 160 -260V a,c
  18. Why is the role of booster? and where are they best recommended?
    For sustained Low/High Voltage area
  19. What is the best option for old house renovation ? why?
    DB Models/Premium /HP66
  20. What is the best option for new buildings, apartments, still in construction stages?
    DB Models
  21. How booster and existing RG product combination recommended?
    For Lift Booster can be used
  22. What is the range of voltage protection received by RG products?
    160-260V a.c
  23. How the lights stay on, even when the others connections trip odd in RG products?
    Light is having extended working range110 - 290V
  24. What is exactly the time delay protection concept of RG?
    Avoid turn on surges
  25. What is the uniqueness of RG products to existing products of similar types in market? and what exactly is patented?
    Patent registered for Centralized voltage protection in Electrical circuit.Un authorized copying can be     blocked by  patent Law 1970
  26. Why there is need for Stabipus and  RG products , specially after floods?
    For rewiring centralised protection can be added
  27. What could be the dangers in internal building concealed wiring that can demand for better protection product like RG?
    RG Will help to avoid fire hazards due to over voltage.
  28. What is the exact mechanism how the RG product work.?
    Transformer based with intelligent control
  29. What was the limitations  the existing lower models of RG?
    capacity of connected load
  30. What exactly happens in double phase and loose neutral conditions?
    In double phase or neutral loose connection Supply may  go beyond 300V
  31. What actually is the best options of RG, to houses near to Industrial areas? 
  32. Does RG products still have a role in a fully installed MCB and ELCB circuit ?
    MCB &ELCB for current protection and will pass up to 1100 V.RG required for protection for voltage   
    above 260V
  33. Does RG products help you to save electricity power consumption?
    Save energy by avoiding multiple stabilizer use.
  34. Does RG product have a wiring map that can be shown and explain to the customer?
    Wiring diagram pasted in every product
  35. What is the warranty period of the product? and how the warranty is availed by the customer?
    2Years .Contact to customer care 8943 9999 94
  36. Can a RG product be returned if the customer is not satisfied with the performance.
    Yes Incase  it is not meeting the spec
  37. Can a RG product be repaired? If it is in warranty period and when over warranty period?
    With in warranty period customer will get free service support.After warranty customer need to  register for extended warranty
  38. Can RG product protect against lightning? why?
  39. Can RG product help in a flood or fire situation? how?
    Yes.Will disconnect the connected equipment incase of supply fluctuation.
  40. Can RG product help in locating the fault in the wiring or circuit?

  1. Can RG product work when both MCB and ELCB fail, and how?
    No Realgard  normally connected at the out point of ELCB
  2. Can old wiring in establishment affect the performance of RG products?
    Yes .Create tripping due to loose connection.
  3. What is the best times to install RG products?
    Any time 
  4. Can I get an insurance for RG products?
  5. Can I pay RG products in installment?
  6. Will RG products get damaged by moisture or heat? What are the limitations?
    Designed for Indian conditions
  7. Can RG product tamper the reading of the power meter reading in any way?
  8. What are the certifications received to confirm the authenticity of RG products?
    Electronic Regional Laboratory, Kerala Electrical Inspectorate
  9. Where exactly  are RG products made?
  10. Where are RG products assembled and stored?
  11. How does RG clam to be Eco- friendly.
    No pollution  due to RG
  12. What is the voltage range where RG products can work best?
    160 -260V
  13. What type of extra services are provided by RG?
    No Extra
  14. Which are the models having bypass options, what is its role and importance?
    SP DELUXE, TP DELUXE, TP PREMIUM, HP66 and all DBsWill help to Bypass RG incase of failure.
  15. Which models have manual phase selector? their role ?
    8Way DB .Help to connect load to other phases
  16. Who has tested this product and what are the existing certifications? Electronic Regional   
    Laboratory, kERALA Electrical Inspectorate
  17. Are the certifications enough for an international exposure?
  18. How RG products increased the usage life span of LED/CFL lights?
  19. What is the use of digital display for input voltage?
    Will help to report EB incase of Excess high voltage
  20. What other equipment can be connected to RG products ?
    All equipments
  21. What is the immediate action if the installed RG machine stops working?
    Check display voltage .Incase of sustained  high voltage report to EB office
  22. What is the inference if the light are on and no their machines are working? what is the solution?
    May be due to internal failure .Use bypass function if display voltage is between 160 -260V a.c
  23. Why the tonnage of AC units is taken as a standard of power consumption?
    AC is the machine working with continuous current consumption.
  24. How many units have been installed in India, and Kerala?
    Above 10000
  25. How many Govt. establishments have been RG products being installed?
    Above 200
  26. Which are the specific equipment that can be specially protected by RG?
    All Electrical /Electronic
  27. Where are the auto and manual phase selectors best recommended in the RG DB?
    For  Flat - Manual  &  For other areas Auto can be used
  28. Where is the different models of Distribution boxes recommended? 
    SP DB, 6/8 &10WAY DB
  29. Is RG products exported to any other country?
  30. Which other states RG products have been used in India?
  31. What are the safety guidelines that a user of RG products keep in mind and implement?
    Keep Bypass switch in Off position
  32. Are spare parts available of RG products?
  33. If a customer wants to see the product. where can he see it most comfortably?
  34. Can RG products be connected to solar systems in any way?
  35. How the generator switches on when supply goes? How RG products facilitates that?
    Not support
  36. How can an inventor work when RG products trip off the supply?
    Normally inverter will be connected at the output to protect charge section.
  37. Can a solar inventor work on line when the supply goes off when RG stabiplus is connected?
  38. How many RG RGTP 66 models recommended in a building with 4 lifts?
    For Lifts, TP Booster + Other models required
  39. Where are the boosters actually recommended?
    For permanent low/High Voltage area
  40. What is the maximum time needed for delivery of any of RG products?
    Normally 3 days
  41. In a building if there are 2 DP boxes, can a single RG devise give protection for both the floors?

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