Single Phase

Price Range
Rs 6,974/- to
Rs 17,345/-

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Three Phase

Price Range
Rs 18,276/- to
Rs 39,116/-

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Distribution Box

Price Range
Rs 27,831/- to
Rs 40,508/-

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RG SP 40
RG SP 40 Standard
RG SP 40 Deluxe
RG SP DB 20Way
RG TP 63 Standard
RG TP 63 Premium / Deluxe
RG TP DB 8Way Manual

REALGARD …Innovative Products… for a brighter tomorrow

REALGARD is one of leading OE manufacturers of electrical products in India. Our products meet the challenge of providing safe electric power to industry, government, the public and private sector.

The know-how and knowledge we have accumulated over the years contributed to the development of Stabiplus which can solve voltage surge problems and various issues stabilizers couldn't solve. So here we are with ONE Stabplus to replace ALL stabilizers.

Here's the fastest way to reach our customer care team to get all your product and service related queries answered.

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